Facials and peels are both effective and popular skincare treatments. The difference lies in the problem areas they target, the respective price tags, and their availability.

Peels: Correct

Transform skin by removing dull, dead skin, then adding clinically proven customized ingredients for next-level results

A peel involves removing the outer layer of the skin and targeting specific problems like discoloration, scarring, dullness, and acne. Peels are generally a more intense

A peel should be done far less often. Having a peel too often can sensitize skin and defeat the peel’s purpose.

Facials: Maintain

Indulge in some instant relaxation while nourishing skin, boosting radiance and targeting specific skin issues.

Facials are typically more popular because they tend to be less “invasive.” A basic facial involves a thorough cleansing of the skin, extractions of blackheads if applicable, and the application of certain hydrating products, like creams and serums.

A basic, gentle facial involving cleansing and extractions can be done weekly.


Talk to our amazing esthetician about your skin concerns and desired results.
She’ll help you reach your goals faster with a targeted, custom approach.

Concerns: Rough texture, dehydration, and redness
Next steps: Improve overall texture and tone with an enzyme peel or an oxygenating facial

Concerns: Breakouts, blemishes and clogged pores
Next steps: Unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin and get a clear complexion with an enzyme or chemical peel

Concerns: Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and uneven texture
Next steps: Go deeper and reduce multiple signs of aging with our more advanced peels


Proper pre- and post-care will ensure you get the best results from your treatments.
Our esthetician can educate your skin's needs and customize an at-home regime that will help your results last and improve!

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